Use these movements to engage the user interface.

Gesture and Interaction Guide


Two-finger drag


Single-finger drag

Zoom in and out

Pinch and spread

Zoom to fit the whole model

Two-finger double tap

Zoom to fit the current selection

Two-finger single tap

Clear the current selection

Three-finger single tap or tap once with a single finger anywhere in empty space

Create Geometry Gestures

Draw 2D Shapes

Tap on the line, arc, spline, or rectangle tool, then tap-drag-lift to draw

Extrude Shapes

Tap to select a face, and then drag your finger up or down.

Place a Primitive

From the action bar, tap the Primitive icon. When the menu displays, tap the primitive you would like to place in your sketch. Tap the canvas and drag to where you would like to place the primitive.

Select Geometry Gestures

Select a Face

Single tap on the face you want to select.

Select a Body

Double tap anywhere on the body.

Group Gestures

Edit a Group

Double tap on any geometry in the group.

Exit a Group

Single tap anywhere outside of the group bounding box.