User Interface tools
Reference for command interaction tools.
  • Save the Sketch: Tap to bring up a menu which allows you to save the current sketch to the local file storage or to BIM 360 Docs, save a copy or return to the gallery.
  • Login to your Autodesk account: Access FormIt Pro, use Autodesk Cloud Services, and store and share your sketches using BIM 360 Docs. Click here to learn more about this feature.
  • With the View Settings menu, you can choose from a selection of preset views. These views will allow you to quickly visualize your model from different perspectives, plan and elevation views and zoom levels. The Orbit - Swivel option determines the behavior of the one finger drag action. When Orbit is selected, the camera will move around a fixed point in the scene, continuously looking at that point. This works well to navigate around objects from the outside. Swivel keeps the camera at a fixed location and rotates the direction at which the camera is pointed. Think of sitting on a rotating office chair and spinning around. This works well when you are located inside a building and want to look around the interior without moving the camera.

The Action Bar

  • The action bar is found on the bottom of your screen. The tools in the action bar will help you create, edit, and share content.
  • Create Geometry: Tap to bring up a menu of creation tools that will help you draw shapes and primitives.
  • Change the Lighting and Shadows: Use this tool to change the date and time of day, and to launch a Solar Analysis (Pro only).
  • Set the Location: Search for a location and import satellite imagery into your sketch. For more information on setting the location of your sketch, see Location .
  • Energy Analysis: Perform an analysis of a design's energy usage.
  • Import Images and Models: Have content you want to import? Use this tool to add images and models you created with other programs.
  • Share your work: Want to share your work with others? Email your sketch or even share with other nearby devices the AXM file of your work via AirDrop.
  • Need more help?: Use the information tools to learn more about FormIt.
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